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31st August 2021

Luxury vinyl flooring – 5 fast facts

Written by jonathon bright
ambiance vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a flexible, hard wearing and easily cleaned and maintained flooring covering. It is water resistant so makes an excellent choice for kitchen’s and bathrooms. Read our 5 fast facts highlighting the benefits of vinyl flooring.

We are passionate about our family business and love the range of styles and colour options we can offer our customers. So whatever the job, type of room or size of room we can supply a great looking product that is more cost effective than natural materials. To help you decide if luxury vinyl flooring is the choice for you, we have put together 5 fast facts highlighting the key product benefits.

Quality Luxury vinyl flooring

Our vinyl flooring products are of the highest quality. We’re so confident about our product and the longevity of vinyl flooring we offer a 30 year guarantee for any product used in a residential setting. If you choose vinyl flooring the product will outlast most trends in design. It will look great for years to come.

Our 3mm-thick flooring features a 0.7mm polyurethane-coated wear layer, with a very high-quality design film and compact backing that gives our flooring its unrivalled durability.


We can recreate the appearance of nearly all natural materials using modern imaging and printing techniques. For example, you can spec a luxury vinyl flooring area with the beauty and sophistication of hardwood. But thanks to the structure of our materials, it’s more pliant, more yielding and delivers better insulation.

If you’re dealing with a small space, like a downstairs toilet or bathroom, its flexibility allows you to achieve a great finish even in the most awkward of layouts.

Low Maintenance

Luxury vinyl flooring is durable and is extremely low-maintenance. The basics are straight forward – sweep, mop and vacuum regularly and that should keep your floor in tip top condition.

We have a 9 point care plan for our floors to help you make sure your floor stays in great condition:

  1. Sweep, mop and dry vacuum regularly.
  2. Do not steam mop.
  3. Wipe up spillages or excess water immediately.
  4. Wash with diluted cleaner using a damp cloth or sponge.
  5. Use a firm nylon sponge for stains.
  6. Clear, odourless mineral spirits may be used on stubborn stains.
  7. Always test cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous area first.
  8. Avoid contact with dark rubber products.
  9. Protect against continued direct sunlight.

Save money

Vinyl flooring is cheaper but it’s very hard to get an accurate comparison as all fits are different. The shape of rooms, detailing and the amount of preparation time required will make a big difference to the costs involved.

A blog on gives a ballpark cost comparison to supply and fit an engineered wooden floor compared to a vinyl floor. It concludes that the cost of vinyl is at least 70% cheaper per square metre.

Once again, costs can vary a lot depending on the job.

Family friendly

If you’ve got a busy household luxury vinyl flooring is a great choice. Not only is it a comfortable material, it works well with underfloor heating making for a very cosy and foot (and paw!) friendly choice. It’s water resistant and easy to clean – perfect for kids and pets running around and the mishaps that come along with a family constantly on the go.


If you enjoyed reading our 5 fast facts and are interested in finding out more about luxury vinyl flooring, check out our ranges, style and colours on this link.


We are a family-owned and run flooring company based in Coventry. We provide an extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring and high-quality flooring services. You can choose products and services for retail, commercial and residential use.

With years of experience and a passion for what we do, we go out of our way to help our customers with the projects they are planning.

With a trade counter & showroom open from 7.30AM Monday to Friday, you can rely on us to be there when you need us.

What’s more, our flooring for residential use is guaranteed for 30 years. We are proud and confident of the quality and longevity of our product range.


Come and visit our showroom and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff:

Ambiance Vinyl Flooring,
Falkland Cl, Charter Avenue Industrial Estate,
Coventry, CV4 8AU.

Tel: 02476 407000



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