About Us

Ambiance Vinyl Flooring company provide a vast range of high quality flooring services for commercial customers across the UK.

Why Ambiance?

We combine quality flooring materials and products with professionalism and first class customer service. We always promise to deliver the best in the business. Our flooring always has a professional finish and is easy to maintain after it has been fitted. With flooring in various colours and styles, our high quality flooring can give you the look and practicality you need. Flooring in our family company goes back many years and we like to pride ourselves on having a vast range of knowledge and experience when it comes to assisting our customers.



Our range of vinyl includes products which have the appearance of a huge variety of materials including wood, stone, ceramic and metal.



All our vinyl flooring is incredibly hard-wearing and will provide you with many years of trouble free satisfaction and enjoyment.


Flexible Layout

Vinyl flooring is ideal when you want the aesthetic benefits of natural products, but at a much lower cost in terms of materials, fitting and maintenance.