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31st July 2023

Ambiance Strip It Floor Stripper

Written by jonathon bright
ambiance vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for its durability and ease of maintenance. Keep it looking pristine by using the right cleaning products.

Strip-it from Ambiance Floor Cleaning Kit

Ambiance Strip It floor stripper is part of the Ambiance Floor Cleaning Kit, designed to maintain vinyl flooring.


1. Benefits of Ambiance Strip It floor Stripper

Ambiance Strip It floor stripper offers several benefits that make it the go-to choice for effectively removing old sealants and stubborn residue:

  • Efficient removal of old sealants: Ambiance Strip It floor stripper is formulated to effectively break down and dissolve old sealants, including previous surface sealants and residues left behind by other cleaning products. Its powerful formulation ensures efficient and thorough removal.
  • Deep cleansing action: The stripper’s unique composition allows it to penetrate the surface of the vinyl flooring, lifting away layers of accumulated sealant, dirt, and grime. It ensures a deep and thorough clean, preparing the surface for a fresh application of protectant.
  • Easy and convenient application: Using Ambiance Strip It floor stripper is simple and hassle-free.

2. How to Apply Ambiance Strip It floor Stripper effectively

To achieve the best results when using Ambiance Strip It floor stripper, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the surface: Start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove loose dirt and dust. This step ensures the surface is free from debris, allowing the stripper to work more effectively.
  • Dilute the stripper: Dilute Ambiance Strip It by mixing 1 part Strip It with 10 parts fresh water. This ratio ensures an effective concentration while minimising the risk of damage to the flooring.
  • Apply and agitate: Using a mop, apply the diluted Strip It solution to the floor in a side-to-side overlapping motion. For stubborn areas or built-up residue, agitate the surface with a coarse pad to help loosen and remove the old sealant.
  • Allow dwell time: Let the solution dwell on the floor for approximately 10 minutes. This allows the stripper to penetrate and break down the old sealant for easier removal.
  • Rinse with Ambiance Daily Cleaner: After the dwell time, rinse the floor using Ambiance Daily Cleaner and a microfiber mop. This step ensures the removal of all previous surface sealants and any residue left behind by the stripper.

Remember, it is crucial not to allow the Ambiance Strip It floor stripper to dry on the surface. Always work in manageable sections to ensure proper application and removal.


Ambiance Strip It floor stripper is a powerful and effective solution for removing old sealants and rejuvenating your vinyl flooring. With its deep cleansing action, easy application process, and the ability to completely remove residue, Ambiance Strip It ensures a clean and pristine surface. By following the proper steps outlined above, you can restore the beauty of your vinyl flooring and prepare it for a fresh application of protection, leaving it looking renewed and revitalised.

Ambiance Floor Cleaning Kit

The Ambiance Floor Cleaning Kit

Ambiance Protect It floor protector is part of the Ambiance Floor Cleaning Kit, specifically designed to preserve and maintain vinyl flooring.

With its long-lasting protection, enhanced shine, and easy application process, this protectant ensures your vinyl flooring remains in optimal condition.

By following the proper application steps and using Ambiance Protect It floor protector, you can enjoy beautiful, protected vinyl flooring that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.


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The Ambiance LVT product range

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about the Ambiance floor care range and how to look after vinyl flooring. Why not take a look at our flooring range on the links below?

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Deep Emboss is our biggest range and we offer plenty of colour choices. This range gives the look of real wood with deep texture in each tile to perfectly recreate the natural appearance of wood.

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Random Grey Herringbone from the Herringbone luxury vinyl flooring range


Another very popular range, Herringbone takes smaller tiles from our most popular colours and uses them to create a parquet-effect flooring. A stunning look at a fraction of the cost of traditional parquet tiles.

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Alder from the Tick Finish luxury vinyl flooring range


The Tick Finish vinyl flooring range is all about a finer grain for a subtler finish. It is smoother but still with some definition to recreate the look of a fine-grain wooden floor.

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Erimi Granite from the Stone and Granite luxury vinyl flooring range


The Stone & Granite range delivers the feel of real stone and granite with a refined texture.

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Silver Nickel from the Shale Finish luxury vinyl flooring range


With the Shale Finish range, a natural slate-effect is represented with a generous range of colour options and textures, allowing you to create the look you want.

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King Charles Oak from the Hand Scraped luxury vinyl flooring range


If you are looking to recreate an old-style distressed wooden flooring look then the Hand Scraped range is perfect. We have a colour palette in our vinyl flooring that will match your space whether you are looking for a lighter tone or something much darker.

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Victoriana Black from the Victoriana Range


The Ambiance Victoriana LVT range recreates the iconic British Minton design classic that has been around since the 1800’s. Our fitter friendly flooring comes in tiles making installation quick and easy.

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The Prima range from Ambiance is our entry level LVT. This product delivers a living surface finish that looks and feels great whilst meeting the most challenging budget.

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