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30th October 2020

10 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Flooring

Written by jonathon bright
ambiance vinyl flooring

Want the look and style of natural material flooring but without the costs and maintenance hassle? Vinyl flooring is the perfect solution. It can create the look, feel and texture of natural products but comes with lower material and fitting costs. Over the longer term it’s also much easier and cost effective to maintain. Here’s our Top 10 reasons (in no particular order) to choose vinyl flooring.

1. Cost

Vinyl flooring is cheaper but how much cheaper? It’s very hard to get an accurate comparison as all fits are different. The shape of rooms, detailing and amount of preparation required will make a big difference to the costs involved.

A blog on gives a ballpark cost comparison to supply and fit an engineered wooden floor compared to a vinyl floor. It concludes that the cost of vinyl is at least 70% cheaper per square metre.

Once again, costs can vary a lot depending on the job.

2. Easy Fitting

Vinyl is easy to fit and trim. This is one of the components of the cost saving of vinyl flooring compared to natural. Even things like trims and edges are much easier and cutting vinyl to fit tricky shapes and edges is quick and easy and doesn’t require power tools and cutters. The time taken to fit a vinyl floor is relatively quick and a large area of flooring can be fitted quickly.

3. Durability

Vinyl is a long-lasting flooring material that maintain its looks. Our 3mm-thick flooring features a 0.7mm polyurethane-coated wear layer, with a very high-quality design film and compact backing that gives our flooring its unrivalled durability. Our flooring stays in good condition for long periods of time. Easy to maintain, it’s guaranteed for 30 years in a residential setting.

Deutsches Institute für Bautechnik flooring diagram showing UV coating, transparent top layer, decorative layer, centre layer and base backing

One of the big worries with natural materials is how to deal with scratches and damage that can occur. Particularly in a busy household with children and pets. Vinyl removes that headache as it’s easy to replace damaged sections and the associated costs are very small compared to a floor made from natural materials.

4. Underfloor heating-friendly

Often, when people renovate or build extensions they install underfloor heating. It’s a great way of warming a room particularly if there’s a lot of glass. Which is often the case with extensions built onto the back of kitchens to make a bigger open plan room. Vinyl flooring works particularly well in this setting since its composition allows it to warm more effectively. With its soft texture and underfloor heating, it makes a very cosy flooring choice.

5. Bathroom friendly

Wood is not suitable for bathrooms because of the moisture and many people find stone tiles too cold for a room that most people like to be warm and inviting. Vinyl flooring is perfect for bathrooms as you can achieve the textured look of natural but with a warmer and more tactile material.

Erimi Granite from the Stone and Granite luxury vinyl flooring range

6. Low maintenance

Vinyl’s imperviousness removes potential issues with humidity or moisture damage. So, from a maintenance perspective, other than washing with water and a light detergent, your floor requires no hard work to retain its great look. With an Ambiance floor, you can have confidence that your floor will look superb for years to come.

We’re so confident in the quality of our flooring we guarantee it for 30 years in a residential setting.

7. Easy day-to-day care and cleaning

Caring for a vinyl floor is easy and straight forward. Here’s our easy 9 step care guide:

Care guide
1. Sweep, mop and dry vacuum regularly.
2. Do not use a steam mop.
3. Wipe up spillages or excess water immediately.
4. Wash with diluted cleaner using a damp cloth or sponge.
5. Use a firm nylon sponge for stains.
6. Clear, odourless mineral spirits may be used on stubborn stains.
7. Always test cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous area first.
8. Avoid contact with dark rubber products.
9. Protect against continued direct sunlight.

8. Huge Colour Choice

Once we have designed a range style it’s then relatively simple to explore a range of colour options that suit the style, texture and concept of the range.

On our website you can click all the colours we have available in our ranges. The image will change to show the selected floor colour. This lets you get a good idea of how a particular colour looks.

9. Beautiful designs

There is a lot of flexibility in the manufacture of vinyl flooring which allows us to create all kinds of designs, textures and finishes. Whatever the room and its purpose, there is a style to match. Here is a brief summary of all our available ranges:

Tick Finish give a finer grain for a subtler finish. It’s smoother but still with some definition to recreate the look of a fine-grain wooden floor.

Stone & Granite delivers the feel of real stone and granite with a refined texture.

Shale Finish gives a natural slate-effect and is represented with a generous range of colour options and textures, allowing you to create the look you want.

Herringbone takes some of our best-selling wood colours and made them into smaller tiles to enable the creation of a parquet-effect flooring.

Hand Scraped lets you recreate an old-style distressed wooden flooring look.

Deep Emboss gives the look of real wood with deep texture in each tile; perfectly recreating the natural appearance of wood.

Prima from Ambiance delivers a living surface finish that looks and feels great whilst meeting the most challenging budget.

10. Pet and child friendly

It’s water resistant, comfortable on the feet and easy to clean – perfect for kids and pets running around and the mishaps that come along with a busy household.


We are a family-owned and run flooring company based in Coventry. We provide an extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring and high-quality flooring services. You can choose products and services for retail, commercial and residential use.

With years of experience and a passion for what we do, we go out of our way to help our customers with the projects they are planning. With a trade counter & showroom open from 7.30AM Monday to Friday, you can rely on us to be there when you need us.

What’s more, our flooring for residential use is guaranteed for 30 years. We are proud and confident of the quality and longevity of out product range.


Come and visit our showroom and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff:

Ambiance Vinyl Flooring,
Falkland Cl, Charter Avenue Industrial Estate,
Coventry, CV4 8AU.

Tel: 02476 407000


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