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20th March 2023

UltraFloor Level IT Two Bond

Written by jonathon bright
ambiance vinyl flooring

We sell a wide range of flooring accessories including a variety of adhesives, screeds, levellers and smoothing compounds. All of the products are ones that we trust. This is based on our many years of experience as well as the fitters who have used our flooring products. We want to make sure you have all you require to do a fantastic job.

Level IT Two Smoothing Compound from Ultrafloor - Flooring Supplies from Ambiance

All our luxury vinyl flooring products are designed to be fitter friendly and that includes any flooring supplies we recommend.

This blog details one of the products from our smoothing range – UltraFloor Level IT TWO Bond

UltraFloor Level IT TWO Bond

A premium smoothing compound that covers all areas. Summary from manufacturer:

“UltraFloor Level IT Two is a general purpose, mid strength, two-part smoothing underlayment. Its exceptional flow characteristics make it a very easy material to apply to a variety of subfloors in both commercial and domestic flooring projects.”


  • Versatile
  • Bonded floor coverings after 8 hours
  • Superior flow
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Low odour
  • Coverage: approx 5m² at 3mm
  • 2-12mm thickness
  • Open time 20-30 minutes
  • Set time 2.5 hours
  • Internal floors
  • Size: 20kg bag and 4ltr bottle

You can find a more detailed summary and technical specifications on the manufacturer’s website.


If you have bulk and repeat orders, get in contact to discuss pricing packages.

Tel: 02476 407000


Our trade counter and showroom is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm where our friendly staff will be happy to help you.


As well as UltraFloor Level IT Bond we carry a wide range of other fitter-friendly supplies. Follow the links to find out more:


We recommend a range of adhesives from F.Ball & Co. Ltd.

STYCCOBOND F44 is a basic adhesive and is great for DIY enthusiasts and jobs in standard areas that aren’t exposed to high levels of sunlight etc.

STYCCOBOND F46 can be used for securing a wide range of PVC sheet and tile floor coverings.

STYCCOBOND F49 can be used anywhere including hot and cold areas and on walls. It is a good high temp glue for areas such as conservatories. A good all-rounder for all jobs and situations.


We carry and recommend two levellers. Both are listed here along with brief manufacturer’s descriptions.

MUDD THE LEVELLER is a single part floor leveller with added fibres for increased strength and flexibility.

NC196 is good for areas that need building and for timber areas and areas of movement.


We stock two screeds from F.Ball & Co. Ltd.

Stopgap 1200 is a smoothing compound that covers all areas and is moisture resistant.

Stopgap Fast-Track 30 is a good smoothing compound if time is of the essence/time sensitive areas.


We recommend two smoothing compounds from Instarmac. They are both part of their UltraFloor brand.

Level IT Bond is a premium smoothing compound that covers all areas.

Level IT 2 is a good standard smoothing compound that’s good for cost effective quick job.

Flooring range

If you like what you see from these jobs then take a look at our luxury vinyl flooring range which has loads of style and colour options that will suit any space and project.

Knowle Wood from the Deep Emboss Range


Deep Emboss is our biggest range and we offer plenty of colour choices. This range gives the look of real wood with deep texture in each tile to perfectly recreate the natural appearance of wood.

View the Ambiance Deep Emboss LVT range.


Random Grey Herringbone from the Herringbone luxury vinyl flooring range


Another very popular range, Herringbone takes smaller tiles from our most popular colours and uses them to create a parquet-effect flooring. A stunning look at a fraction of the cost of traditional parquet tiles.

View the Ambiance Herringbone LVT range.


Alder from the Tick Finish luxury vinyl flooring range


The Tick Finish vinyl flooring range is all about a finer grain for a subtler finish. It is smoother but still with some definition to recreate the look of a fine-grain wooden floor.

View the Ambiance Tick Finish LVT range.

Erimi Granite from the Stone and Granite luxury vinyl flooring range


The Stone & Granite range delivers the feel of real stone and granite with a refined texture.

View the Ambiance Stone & Granite LVT range.


Silver Nickel from the Shale Finish luxury vinyl flooring range


With the Shale Finish range, a natural slate-effect is represented with a generous range of colour options and textures, allowing you to create the look you want.

View the Ambiance Shale Finish range


King Charles Oak from the Hand Scraped luxury vinyl flooring range


If you are looking to recreate an old-style distressed wooden flooring look then the Hand Scraped range is perfect. We have a colour palette in our vinyl flooring that will match your space whether you are looking for a lighter tone or something much darker.

View the Ambiance Hand Scraped range.



The Prima range from Ambiance is our entry level LVT. This product delivers a living surface finish that looks and feels great whilst meeting the most challenging budget.

View the Prima from Ambiance range.

About Ambiance Luxury Vinyl Flooring

We are a family-owned and run business in Coventry. Based in CV4, we provide an extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring and high-quality flooring services. The Ambiance flooring products range and services covers retail, commercial and residential use.


Come and visit our showroom and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff:

Ambiance Vinyl Flooring,
Falkland Cl, Charter Avenue Industrial Estate,
Coventry, CV4 8AU.

Tel: 02476 407000



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